At we use very advanced technology to maintain the high levels of security of our online platform. Our secure server (SSL) encrypts all the personal information you provide before completing your reservation (name, address, card details, etc.).
The card that you are going to use to pay for the reservation will be stored securely by our payment service provider, which complies with the highest levels of PCI security to store such information.
This will allow subsequent payments to be made to your card, such as monthly rent, rental deposit, or excessive consumption expenses, to be charged directly to your card without having to re-enter it. Should this card be canceled or expired, please contact us to update such information.

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Individuals between the ages of 18 and 39. Have student accreditation with a local university, an internship contract or an employment contract. Sign the rental contract, the rules of cohabitation and make the payment of the deposit (to be reserved) and the first month of the rent.

Minimum stay period (A): From September 1 to December 31. Four months must be paid in full.
Minimum stay period (B): From January or February to June 30. Five months must be paid in full.
Exceptionally check in / out in the months of January, February, July and August. Proportion of the days will be paid.
In any case, during the months of July and August the minimum stay is one month.

Rental Guarantee Deposit

Purpose: The payment of the rental guarantee deposit guarantees compliance with the minimum stay established in the reservation process. As well as the contract and the rules of cohabitation, that the client obtains the commitment in this reservation process, to sign on the day of arrival before handing over the keys Using the deposit to pay any month’s rent is prohibited.

Amount and method of payment: The amount of the deposit is equivalent to the price of a month’s rent, in the online payment gateway reservation process. Additional amounts will be charged on the credit card used in this reservation process. Mechanism and conditions necessary for the recovery of the deposit: Erasmus Flat will be responsible for the return of the deposit, which will be returned once the following points have been met: Have paid all the rental payments and that there is no consumption above the limits established by contract. If there is an invoice that exceeds the limit established by the contract, the proportional part (dividing the excess by the people who live in the apartment) will be deducted from the deposit Leave the room in the same conditions as at the time of check-in. All items in the room will be checked. The return of the keys. Compliance with the rules of coexistence. At the end of the stay and after the verification of the aforementioned points, the deposit will be returned, on the credit card that you are using in this reservation process, within the following 60 days after departure and delivery of keys by your part. All commissions will be in charge of the client.

Don’t you like your room? Your apartment does not convince you? Do not worry! You have a period of 24 hours to change your shared flat at no cost or for us to refund 50% of your rent for the current month. After 24 hours, the entire rent for the current month is lost.

In the reservation process, you are paying the rent for the first month, an amount that will ensure that you keep your room reserved until your arrival. Before handing over the keys, you will have to pay the deposit, which is one month’s rent.


* Administrative management of damages -60 €
* State of cleaning and general maintenance -50 €
* Waterproof mattress cover missing or in poor condition -40 €
* Complete mattress cover missing or in poor condition -20 €
* Bed base sheet broken / bent -200 €
* Fitted sheet missing or in poor condition -20 €
* Upper sheet missing or in poor condition -30 €
* Pillow and its 2 covers missing or in poor condition -50 €
* Quilt disappeared or in bad condition -60 €
* Mattress deterioration: bad smell, burns, blood stains, etc. -200 €
* Missing or broken desk lamp -20 €
* Trash missing or in poor condition -10 €
* Chair missing or in poor condition -25 €
* Bad condition of the furniture – TO BE DETERMINED
* Walls stained with blue-tac, glue, dirt, etc. -200 €
* Dirty or bad trash can -10 €
* Bed frame breaks, bed frame legs, glass, walls, cabinets and drawers inside – TO BE DETERMINED
* Missing or unusable room keys -50 €

Coexistence rules incidents
Not respecting the rules that can affect the well-being of other colleagues, the neighbors of the building, the general hygiene of the apartment can lead to economic sanctions