About Us

We're not your ordinary travel agency. We're a community of travellers.

ErasmusFun was born to connect people, cultures and stories through that magical activity that we call ‘travelling’. So we group people together and send them to live incredible adventures around the globe. Some say that ErasmusFun changed their lives, some others that they will never take part in a group tour ever again – we’re not for everyone, but better try than regret, right?

Connecting People

Our business is profoundly human: it’s built on relationships and interactions – not only while we’re travelling. We plan many events throughout the year to meet and engage our community and enable our travelers and Travel Coordinators to share their stories with one another.

Connecting Stories

All people, with their background, have a story to tell: that’s the last ‘step’ of our vision – listening to all those stories, coming from the people that we meet during our travels. Every story gives us something and we consider it a little treasure, far more precious than any souvenir we can bring home with us.