Refund and Returns Policy

General Contract Conditions



Throughout our website, it is repeatedly highlighted that the trips are organized to appeal to a target audience of people aged 18-35.


Will only accept one reservation method, for all of the events and trips: reservation via the website, Following the reservation and subsequent payment of the deposit the reservation will be considered formalized and the client accepts the General Contract Conditions. In the case that the client wishes to modify part of their reservation you will have to request approval to do so.


The act of booking the trip requires the payment of the indicated deposit, which is part of the total price of the trip, we cannot promise or confirm that you have the place on the trip until this deposit has been received. Unless the customer is otherwise notified in a written document, the second payment will be paid in the first day of the trip, otherwise you will not benefit from the services provided by the trip, in which case, Erasmus.Fun will apply the conditions that are outlined in the cancellations section of this document.


The prices indicated on this website (except typographical error or omission) are prices that include indirect taxes on consumption when applicable, that have been calculated based on the rates and currency exchange rates on the date of publication of this combined travel contract and / or its brochures and temporary offers. The price is fixed and cannot be revised in the event that there are variations in the cost of transport, including the cost of fuel; in fees and taxes related to certain services; and in the exchange rates applied to the trip.



At any time, the user or consumer may desist from the services requested or contracted, in this case the client will be entitled to the refund of the amounts that he / she may have paid, whether it is the total price or the deposit previously provided, but must compensate for the instances which are indicated below:

Days to departure

% Cancellation Cost

> 30 days

 Deposit paid

Between 30 and 15 days


< 15 days


The percentages of the cancellation cost have been calculated based on the total amount of the product that has been purchased, regardless of the amount paid to cover the deposit or any other advanced payment.

In case that an insurance has been contracted and the booked trip is cancelled for causes beyond the customer’s control, the client must choose another date for the trip, or the client will lose the paid amount of the insurance.

All reimbursements that are authorized for any reason will always be formalized online through the website,, where the original booking was carried out, not making any refund for the services not used voluntarily by the consumer.


3. ALTERATIONS ON THE PART OF ERASMUS.FUN is committed to providing its clients with all the services contracted through the programs-offer contained in its web page, with the stipulated conditions and characteristics. You will be exempted from this obligation when:


Force majeure circumstances occur

When the minimum number of participants for a trip or event is not reached (by default, 20 people)

Sufficient causes, which include cases in which Erasmus.Fun, despite acting with due foresight and due diligence, cannot provide the services contracted for reasons that are not attributable to it, both understood according to the legislation in force.

If it becomes impossible to provide any type of service, the customer may choose:

To terminate the contract without any penalty

The customer can never request a refund whose quantity exceeds the amount originally paid.

During the execution of the trip, the program may be subject changes due to unforeseen circumstances such as changes in the weather, problems with the group, and delays due to traffic. If these changes are not relevant and they don´t cause any cost reduction for Erasmus.Fun, the customer cannot request a refund.

If, on the other hand, no planned services are provided, due to circumstances that are not motivated by sufficient causes or force majeure and that account for more than 50% of the price of the trip, Erasmus.Fun in charge will adopt suitable solution for the continuation of the program without any additional cost for the customer and, in this case, they will pay the latter the amount of difference between the provisions promised and those actually provided. If such solutions are unfeasible or if the customer does not accept them for an objectively valid reason, Erasmus.Fun will provide, in any case, the return to the place in which the tour began, through an equivalent means of transport, returning the corresponding proportional amount.

In such situations, the customer will be able to demand compensation due to the breach of the contract, not continuing with the tour when they have attended sufficient causes or force majeure.

Any inability to provide services or any type of alternation to the latter (including price), as stated to the customer before the contract is signed, does not warrant any demand for compensation by the customer, since this has not been refined, framing the said modification of the program-offer within the natural negotiation process of the contract will be the solution.

The transfer service to the airport, port or station to the hotel or a different location during the trip, is contracted, as a general rule, up to one hour after the official expected arrival of the client. Therefore, if the aforementioned arrival of the client occurs after this hour has passed, even for reasons of force majeure, the transfer service may not be provided.


  • As a general rule, a strict criterion of literality must be followed, which leads to the conclusion that what is not specifically detailed as included in the price of the trip, will not be included in it.
  • The transport method for both the journey there and back is only included if highlighted in the contract.
  • Technical assistance during the trip, when this service is specifically highlighted in the contract.
  • All of the other services and supplements that are specified in the corresponding itineraries.
  • The accommodation and/or alimony in the contracted program in each case in the hotels or chosen establishments in cases of replacement.
  • The rates or taxes of the hotel establishment.
  • Airport taxes and / or entry and exit fees expect when indicated as a supplement or payable directly by the consumer.
  • Indirect taxes (V.A.T, I.G.I.C) when these are applicable.



  • Visas, vaccination certificates, extras such as: soft drinks, coffee, wine, mineral water, special dietary requirements, laundry and ironing services, optional hotel services, luggage compartments, tips etc.
  • Unless the program says otherwise, the cost of taxis and other urban transportation services, within the cities mentioned throughout the program, are never included.
  • With regard to different excursions or optional visits, whose price is indicated with a simple estimated figure, variations on these initially calculated or anticipated costs may occur (depending on the circumstances).

  • Optional activates are reserved only when has received the corresponding amount.
  • In the case that the optional activities are not done due to the fact that there are not enough people who have signed up or due to lack of availability, the money paid by the client will be refunded.
  • In the case that there is an individual room available, the price indicated in the reservation form for each person will have to be paid.


  • In the event that the trip requires actions by the customer, penalties may be changed for not complying with the established time. The deadlines, commissions and actions will be duly communicated by email, but in general terms will charged if:
  • There is a delay in payment of the outstanding amount after the first warning to receive: €5 per day
  • The staffs do not act as monitors throughout the trip, but do accompany the passengers throughout; therefore they are exempt from having any responsibility with respect to the conduct of said passengers.
  • Travel, medical and cancellation insurance are not included unless explicitly specified in the travel program and contract. In any case, all customers will be informed about the possibility to purchase the latter when reserving the trip.




The rooms that have been reserved, sleep multiple people and are all different sizes (they can fit between 2 and 6 beds in them). The customer must accept the proposed bed and the proposed room in the proposed hotel. In the case that a client requests a single room they will have to do so before they book the trip and pay the extra amount require to fulfill this particular request. All clients must respect the rules that have been established in the place in which they will stay. It is in the interest of the client to do the latter.

In the event that the client damages anything within the establishment in which they are staying, can charge them the amount it will take to cover the damage costs.


If the different establishments contracted request a deposit upon arrival, the tour leader is responsible for collecting this off the customers during the tour and giving it to the individual in charge of the establishment.


In the case that the tour leader is absent in the latter situation the client will be equally as responsible.

All of the rules of the contracted establishments are outside of the organization of, and the client must adapt to the standards indicated.

If the different establishments contracted request a deposit upon arrival, the tour leader is responsible for collecting this off the customers during the tour and giving it to the individual in charge of the establishment.

In the case that the tour leader is absent in the latter situation the client will be equally as responsible.

All of the rules of the contracted establishments are outside of the organization of, and the client must adapt to the standards indicated.


Luggage always advises their clients to travel light and thus try not to travel with suitcases that weigh more than 10-12kg.

In the event that you need to transport suitcases or material that exceeds the latter measurements you will need prior approval from

The client´s luggage is not the subject of a land transport contract, meaning that the customer is responsible for their our suitcases, meaning for all purposes that they must keep their luggage with them regardless of the part of the vehicle that in which it is placed and that it is transported at the risk of the customer, without being obliged to respond to the loss or damages that the same could suffer throughout the trip for any reason. Therefore it is recommended that all clients are present when the luggage is being loaded and unloaded from the vehicle.


All of the clients, without any exceptions, must bring all of their personal and corresponding family documents with them, such as their passport or ID card., depending on the laws of the countries that they will be visiting. It will be the customer’s responsibility to prepare the necessary documents prior to the trip, these include visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. In the case that an individual is rejected by any Authority, the granting of their visa, for particular reasons out of the client´s control, or if they are denied entry into a certain country due to the fact they cannot comply with all of the requirements that are demanded or because of not being a carrier of the same, denies all responsibility for acts of this nature. If any of the a latter or different problems occur they will be at the expense of the customer, applying, in these circumstances the conditions and rules established for the case of voluntary cancellation or withdrawal of services. All customers are also reminded that they must ensure, before starting the trip that they have complied with all of the applicable rules and requirements regarding visa in order to be able to enter in different countries without any issues. The customer does have the right to ask about the documentation that they will need during the trip.


7. RESPONSABILITY will be responsible for the proper execution of the obligations that are highlighted throughout the contract with the customer, regardless of whether the aforementioned obligations should be executed by the same or by other service providers, without prejudice to the right of to take action against them, and always within the limits established in these general conditions and in the applicable legislation. When the client values, in situ, the contracted services as poorly executed or not executed at all, he / she must immediately notify the provider of the same, and within 48 working hours to, so they can go on to take the appropriate measures.


With regards to the non-bodily damages, the compensation may never be greater than the total price of the trip that was initially contracted. Under no circumstances is Erasmus.Fun responsible for the cost of accommodation, maintenance, transportation and other items that originate as a result of departure or return delays due to weather, technical faults, strikes or other force majeure. When the trip is carried out in the Agencies own coaches or alternatively coaches rented by the Organizing Erasmus.Fun, in case of accident, whatever the country in which it occurs, the consumer is expressly subject to the legislation on road accidents of the nation in which it is located and where the vehicle is registered, being able to take shelter, as far as personal damages are concerned, to the insurance of the same, according to the corresponding compensation table provided for that purpose, and by virtue of which said indemnities would be paid to the interested parties, beneficiaries or their legal representatives in the country of registration of the vehicle and precisely in the legal currency of the same.


For those trips that require all clients to travel to the starting destination via plane, the clients must arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half prior to the official departure time and must also strictly adhere to any other specific recommendations that are marked in the travel information document. The air, sea and land companies involved in carrying out the trips offered on this website will not be held responsible for any of the acts, omissions, or irregularities that may occur to the traveler during the time that he/ she remains outside of the respective means of transport. The passenger contract will be the only link that binds the carrier company and the customer/ traveler.



During all of the events and trips listed, photographs will be taken and videos will be recorded, both of which will be used to publicize through their website, brochures or other digital and printed media. Participating in events and trips organized by means that the possibility of being captured in the photos and videos taken is accepted. All copyrights are reserved by

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End of the treatment: recording of images and videos of the activities carried out by the Responsible for the treatment to publicize them in the media, with the consent of the Interested Party. In no case will the name of the Interested Party be published.

Data retention criteria:  will be kept for no longer than necessary to maintain the end of the treatment and when it is no longer necessary for this purpose, they will be eliminated with adequate security measures to guarantee the pseudonymisation of the data or the total destruction of data.

Comunication of the data: The interested party may not authorize the treatment by contacting the entity in charge via email for the following categories of recipients:

  • Publication in the media of the responsible
  • Publication in external media to the responsible

Rights that assist the Interested Party:

  • Right to withdraw consent at any time.
  • Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data and the limitation or opposition to its treatment.
  • Right to file a claim with the Control Authority if it considers that the treatment does not comply with current regulations.

Contact information to exercise your rights:  Email: [email protected]

To carry out the data treatment described, the person in charge of the treatment needs his/her explicit consent or that of his/her legal representative.

The Interested Party consents to the processing of their data in the terms stated:

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