Covid-19 FAQ

No, we don’t. Our Customer Care Team and your Travel Coordinator will support you to find the best clinic to do your COVID tests but they are not covered as part of your package. 

Some of the destinations require double vaccination for entry even. Please, please, please check travel advice from government sources before booking a tour if you are not fully vaccinated to ensure you can enter. If you need help or support please contact our team!

Our Customer Care team can support you with accommodation suggestions, however, your airline and/or travel insurer should support and cover you for any accommodation costs in these instances. If this happens please get in touch with both of them!

On tour and accommodation

Since travelers join our groups alone but still are willing to share the experience, we guarantee to share a room with participants of the same gender.

In the case that your personal documents don't reflect the gender that you identify with, please write to us at [email protected] before booking. We will manually manage your booking so that we can guarantee you will share a room with travelers of your gender of identification.

There will be a private or shared bathroom for you and your fellow travel buddies, except for some specific tours that include nights in a tent. These unique situations will guarantee an authentic travel experience at the expense of some of our usual comforts. 😇


We stay in twin, triple or quad rooms, depending on the destination, travel style, and availability.

You will share a room with your fellow travellers of same-sex, alongside a private bathroom or shared bathroom with your ErasmusFun group. There will be some situations, like camping where the bathroom is shared, but for one night we know that you can give up some comfort for authenticity! 😇

We will never share rooms with people who are not from your ErasmusFun group.


From 5 to 2 days prior to your trip's departure date you will be sent a list of your accommodation within your pre-travel documents.👓

Usually, we prefer local accommodation to add the authenticity our tours promise.

Booking & prepping your trip

The Erasmus Fun Travel Coordinator is the perfect travel pal, who loves to travel and has a lot of experience discovering the world. They manage all logistical issues (schedules, meeting point, transfer tickets, reservations, etc.) so you can enjoy your journey without any worries!

7 days before the departure, they will create a WhatsApp group: this will be the perfect place to ask all the pre-departure questions and get to know the rest of your group better!🔝🔝

You are advised to check the travel advisories on your country's government website as well as destination travel advisories to stay informed about visa and Covid-19 entry requirements. Depending on the origin of your passport, you may require a visa.

Of course! 😎😎

During our booking process you can enter the number of participants for the trip. If you wish to book also for other people and then proceed to full payment. Afterwards our logistics team will contact you to collect the details of the other participants you have booked from!



If you are a big group of friends and you want to organize a tour just for yourself, contact us at [email protected].

We will be able to tell you the best solution and the available tours! 🚌🚌

Please write an email to [email protected] to book an exclusive trip for your company team. 💡💡


Nooo! 😢😢😢
If you want to receive cancellation information about your reservation or if you are already sure about your decision, please send an email to [email protected]. Please tell us your reservation info ( Booking ID, First Name, Last Name).

Our Customer Care is available Mon-Fri 9:30 – 17:30 to manage your cancellation request. 🤓
We hope you change your mind about it or travel with us in the future!

After your booking, we will ask you to send us a copy of your passport (PDF or just a picture), so we can book local transfers and accommodation. 📃