Gran Canaria Expedition

March 03th - 06th

Trip to Gran canaria low cost

The GRAN CANARIA EXPEDITION – CARNIVAL EDITION is one of our craziest expeditions, it’s a 4-day expedition in which you will get to know the island and its history and most importantly you will get to experience the Canary Islands Carnival, which is an explosion of joy, music and colour. The streets are painted with festivity. The air is filled with fun and in every corner of the island, crowds and parades personify with their parody and fascination one of the most traditional festivals.

Expedition program

➡️ [March 03th, 2023] - Arrivals 🛬

Upon your arrival at Gran Canaria airport, Erasmus.Fun team & our local partner will be at the airport entrance to welcome you.

  • Then we will have a transfer in a public bus (60 or 91) “already included in the price of the trip” that will take you to the expedition accommodation. there you will meet your guide who will assign your room and you will check-in where you will be able to make the second payment of the expedition.
  • After check-in, we will have a city tour of Las Palmas
  • you can use the rest of the time to meet and socialize with the other participants.

*people arriving before the arrival day can visit the city thanks to our guide suggestions, please contact us.

➡️ [March 04th, 2023] - CARNIVAL DAY 💃🕺

This day will be a day of great adventures, where you will experience the true carnival of the Canary Islands! prepare yourself because it is going to be a very busy day! 

Trip North:

  • We will leave Las Palmas and go north to a more wild area! We will go to the only place that cultivates and produce coffee in European territory! That is one of our secret places(far from massive tourist buildings). There, we will learn a bit about the local environment and culture, the process of coffee making and try some local cheeses, wines, and jellies. 
  • Then, another secret place that only locals know!!! We will stop at a lighthouse and discover hidden pools! But not regular pools, natural poolsshaped over centuries on the rocky coast of Gran Canaria.

Carnival activity:

  • Finally we celebrate one of the biggest and greatest carnivals in the world (the second after Rio de Janeiro’s).

*Free time during Carnival and free costumes offered.

➡️ [March 05th, 2023] - Sea and mountain day 🏝️⛰️
  • The morning is dedicated to the bravest who can wake up from a night of hangover from the carnival night to have a surf lesson 
  • Sea & Mountain Trip, from the paradisiacal beach of Amadores to the peak of Gran Canaria: try the thrill of the thermal variation between one place and the other, which usually goes from 30 degrees to 5 degrees at sunset.
  • Next to the beach we will discover a sea cave known only by locals (you can swim in it) and at the peak of Gran Canaria we will see the sunset (we can see the sun go down on the teide, mountain/volcano of approx 4000m, the highest in Spain) and we are usually above the clouds.
  • Just after sunset, we will be able to see the constellations (the Canary Islands is a privileged place for astronomical observation, even Steve Hawking used to travel to the Canary Islands for this).
➡️ [March 06th, 2023] - Departures 🛫

This day is a sad day full of farewells but at the same time a day full of joy and new friends!

On this day our team will take you to the airport for your farewell and for those participants returning later our team will give you directions to more places you can visit in the city.





Flights to the Expedition

We advise you to look for your flight at: 

  • the best flights:

Departing from Lisbon with EasyJet 

Departing from Lisbon with TAP


It is possible to connect several cities to the lisbon airport by train:

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We advise you to look for your flight at: 

We advise you to look for your flight at: 

Price of the trip: 220€

1 – you must register and pay the reserve in the amount of €50

2Buy your flight: the flight is not included in the travel package, the average price of the two flights is €60, we advise you to buy your trips with Ryanair. You must buy the flight to Gran Canária on the date indicated for the start of this adventure

3 – Payment for the trip: Payment for the trip is made in Gran Canária upon check-in at the hotel. you have to make the payment in euros in the amount of €170 in cash.