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Trip to Fisgas do ermelo

Fisgas de Ermelo is the most emblematic place in the Alvão Natural Park protected area. This is one of the Portuguese areas with the most waterfalls and lagoons to discover. In Mondim de Basto, inserted in the Alvão Natural Park, in an area of ​​protected nature, the waterfall of Fisgas do Ermelo is one of the largest in Portugal. It precipitates in different vertical jumps over 200 meters, offering a set of lagoons along the watercourse. There are several lagoons for diving, which intersperse the waterfalls of the Ôlo River, and areas where erosion has created authentic natural pools, more than two meters deep.

Important information


Bus Departure

The time and place of departure can be seen in the lower section of the website, as the details will depend on your city

10:00 AM
Alvão Natural Park
Arrival Alvão Natural park

Or arriving at the Alvão Natural Park, we will have a 15-minute walk to reach the place where you can enjoy the lakes and transparent water cascades of this park.

Alvão Natural Park

Time to enjoy your picnic, we advise you to share your food so you can live the experience of trying new foods

15:00 PM
Alvão Natural Park
Mountain Hike

We will go on a mountain hike where you will be able to panoramic the magnificent landscapes and one of the biggest waterfalls in Portugal

Alvão Natural Park
Departure to the city of Vila Real

Departure from the Alvão natural park to the city of Vila Real

Vila Real

Upon arrival in the city of Vila Real, you'll have a great barbecue waiting for you, where you can rest and relax after your adventure, where you'll be able to meet Erasmus students from other cities

23:59 PM
Vila Real
Return Home

After a great adventure you will return home, we will stop for 15 minutes to relax so the trip is not so tiring for you


  • Tour bus Transport (Private)
  • Tour Leader Services
  • barbecue
  • Association Membership Fee


  • Personal Expenses
  • Optional Tours and Parties
  • Travel Insurance 3.5 Euros (optional)
  • Everything else not Mentioned as Included


  • A minimum of 45 participants is required
  • Number of places is limited
  • Prazo para reserva e primeiro pagamento: 05-10-2021
  • Parties are dependent on Covid-19 restrictions

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Details will be sent after booking.

Details will be sent after booking.

Details will be sent after booking.

Details will be sent after booking.