Trip to: Galiza - Spain

express trip - fisgas do ermelo

Galiza - Rias baixas

Paradise could be here. In the southwest of Galicia - the Rias Baixas show their charms in blue and green, the colors of a sea that reaches inland. Beaches, islands, vineyards, paths, churches, seafood, camellias, seaside resorts. Landscapes with history, small fishing villages and cities to discover.

The Rias Baixas are synonymous with the best gastronomy in Galicia. Fish and seafood with the flavor of the authentic that, evidently, taste better when accompanied by their own wine from this land, a wine from the D.O. Rías Baixas. For many, one of the best white wines in the world. And in Baixo Minho, fertile and cheerful, the best in the garden.

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Rural Tourism

Combarro stands out for the originality of the symbiosis of the rural world with the world of fishing. Harmonious set of Galician folk architecture combined with hórreos (granaries).
The current urban structure dates from the century. XVIII with narrow, winding streets, full of life and traditions.

Historical Tourism
Ermita de la Lanzada

The chapel-hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Lanzada constituted, together with the medieval tower (defensive enclave to connect with the Torre de San Sadurniño de Cambados and the Torres del Oeste de Catoira), and the Lower Roman necropolis, the Fortress of La Lanzada, of which we have news since the 10th century.

Nautical Tourism
Boat Trip

boat trip on the estuary. On the trip, we will appreciate the green landscapes of the coast, we will visit the mussel farming, we will enjoy a wine tasting with mussels, one of the most characteristic products of the region.

Wine Tourism
San Sancho - Wine Cellar

Visit the Albariño production cellar. You will meet the background of the process of making his wines in a guided tour that includes an olfactory sensory experience featuring the essences and aromas that characterize its exquisite and fresh wines that you can taste with your husbands.

Contemporary Tourism
Illa de la Toja

island of la Toja and contemplate the beauty of its landscape. has One of the most original chapels in Galicia. Entirely covered with scallop shells, it has become one of the must-visits on the island of A Toxa.

Eco Tourism
Rio Barosa Park

There are places in Galicia that we should all know. This is one of them. It combines nature and popular architecture and turns it into art. Water, vegetation and stone come together to form an exceptional ensemble created by nature and man.

Return Home

After a great adventure you will return home, we will stop for 15 minutes to relax so the trip is not so tiring for you




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Details will be sent after booking.